I believe in ‘straight talk’ with clients about construction projects. That means we talk about the good, the bad
and the ugly aspects of building and remodeling homes. We strive for clear communication,
realistic expectations and great happiness when the project is complete.

I am a numbers guy. I like to set budgets that represent the true cost of a project - not lowball numbers that force us to go over budget at the end.

I like spreadsheets. I am kinda obsessive about running the numbers.

I am very relationship-oriented. I say to clients, "I would rather have you mad at me at the beginning of a project instead of the end." So I am up front about the risks and pitfalls of remodeling and building investment property. And I have remodeled and built enough of my own houses that I know that awful feeling of going over budget and over schedule. So I talk about the hard truths before the project begins and while it is underway.

I am a big fan of communication. I send clients daily photos of work in progress. I send emails to clarify selections and anticipate problems. I listen to my clients and recognize the need to balance the (sometimes) competing desires of two or more people.